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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Minshan Hotel Chengdu, L'hotel è situato nella seconda sezione di Renmin South Road, il centro vivace di Chengdu. È adiacente alla stazione di partenza della linea di autobus dell'aeroporto 1, Metro Line 1, Wuhou Temple, Jinli, Kuanzhai vicolo, Tianfù Square, Chunxi Road e Taigu Rio per dieci minuti.L'hotel Sühuan Minshan appartiene al gruppo Sichuan Minshan. Lo stile di design generale è ricco di elementi culturali di Bashu e si integra con la visione internazionale. Lo stile di design e lo stile mostrano in modo incisivo.È l'hotel di accoglienza designato della prima e precedente conferenza nazionale di prima classe nella provincia di Sichuan -'West China International Expo', il fornitore designato della maggior parte delle imprese nazionali e internazionali di 500 top, e la scelta migliore per tutti i tipi di affari esteri, affari governativi e business reception.Il ristorante fluviale occidentale, situato al ventunesimo piano dell'hotel, è stato elencato nella lista pubblica per due anni consecutivi per commentare il Ristorante Black Pearl, che è diventato il ristorante betacassi di Chengdu.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Quanto dista questo hotel dall'Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport?

    Minshan Hotel Chengdu si trova a 13.8km dall'aeroporto.

  • Minshan Hotel Chengdu offre un servizio di pick-up?

    Sì, vi preghiamo di contattarci dopo la prenotazione.

  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Minshan Hotel Chengdu?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è fino alle 12:00 presso Minshan Hotel Chengdu.

  • Minshan Hotel Chengdu dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    Sì, l'hotel dispone di piscina e palestra. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Minshan Hotel Chengdu dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Minshan Hotel Chengdu dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Minshan Hotel Chengdu accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Minshan Hotel Chengdu accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Minshan Hotel Chengdu?

    La colazione è di CNY88 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso Minshan Hotel Chengdu?

    I prezzi partono da CNY618, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • bianca
    All right
  • cryjoy
    Clean, tidy, front desk very nice
  • auroraer
    Old hotel, great
  • e03107230
    Well, better than we think.
  • daifang1988
    I lived most of the hotels
  • minibread1205
    Minshan hotel transportation is convenient, and thoughtful service. waiter Wang Sujuan initiative to put the wet clothes to dry, help wash fruit and cooked boiled water, feels intimate and warm. minshan hotel next time you will choose.
  • lovevan
    Good location
  • aiciren
    Nice hotel,
  • bo888
    Good good
  • Fouellette58
    Room is small, is good as older facilities, in particular between the balconies of French Windows and Bay Windows look, still very attractive, compared to just not cost-effective for the price
  • tlawicda
  • aragnut
    As well, just like home in Chengdu!
  • alvin211
    Five-star hotels, the conditions are good
  • FangyanXu
    Feeling that not everyone at the front desk said so warm, a bit cold feeling. bathroom bath water in the tub, but too slow drain, wash water can diffuse through the feet a long time coming.
  • rujingxiong
    Hotel, transportation, service is good, but slightly old rooms facilities, slightly off level!
  • wxy8094
    Hotel is a bit old, the room is not paved! especially rough sleeping uncomfortable!
  • flyblood
    Favourite hotels in Chengdu, hotel is nice ... but the price higher and higher.
  • dorisyip
    Booking for the guest, said good.
  • jerald521
    Location very good, in the center of the Center, downstairs is the subway.
  • extratime
    Selected for each to Chengdu hotel, good location
  • xuyuan_919
    Prices more expensive strategy
  • ccwwn
    Hotel Marquis, Kam was very near, for about 20 minutes on foot, from chunxi road, walk about 15 minutes. room size is a bit small, but fully equipped, breakfast is rich.
  • Jennifer_888
    Shop conveniently, right next to the Presidential Palace, is close to the Metro station, not many people eat early, the taste is also good. the room, bathrobe is blotted, did not dare to use, the price is slightly expensive.
  • iming
    Good location, convenient. rooms are very comfortable and quiet.
  • enty212
    Hotel with air bus terminal, easy choice. hotel location is very good, very convenient, away from the tourist centers, the new station road at the Southern bus station and walk for about half an hour., breakfast good, service very good.
  • yixian_gan
    Hotel location is very good, environment very well, health, traffic very convenient, near the Metro, breakfast was good, service very good, next time you will have the opportunity to choose this hotel!
  • Bessy
    Very good, very awesome
  • sandsun
    Room small
  • bossbaby
    Nice hotel, highly recommended, very good location, near the Metro as soon ... service was good. very comfortable breakfast. overall satisfaction is worth staying at.
  • lenes
  • aboxiaoyu
    Hotel stands Yu Chengdu city downtown, is most with location advantage of hotel one of. Hotel from Chengdu double international airport 25 minutes car drive, from railway station 20 minutes car drive, close to civil aviation ticket headquarters and the airport shuttle station. Xia Metro Line 1 line c export walk 3 minutes can arrived hotel, from Hotel walk 10 minutes can arrived in Chengdu city famous of salt city mouth commercial circle, chunxi road CCP and the famous of tianfu square Sun God bird. superior of location let you fullFeel comfortable
  • flybird_a
  • e01647109
    Convenient location, environment, and health can be, next time you will choose
  • baodudu
    Stay two nights, but because of something, only stayed one night, but the hotel does not provide refund. doesn't make sense.
  • jn0007
    Clean, good environment
    Also, the room is too small, good location, breakfast is too general, and general business hotel standard
  • Lowin
    House prices high.
  • lively_127
    Toilet hygiene is poor, the aging facilities, carpet dirty state.
  • liulijie112
    All right
  • e03694054
    Hotel great location! good for tourism, and health can also be refer-a-friend travel
  • denfaw
    Hospitality field relatives live of, drive to hotel door security Zhou Ye Mr enthusiasm meet, told do finished procedures on go, immediately help I arrangements has temporary parking spaces, addition husband said wants to to car add water, not only to received has water, also sent has 3 bottle ice age to we drink, good intimate of service. hotel registration staying is formal, we two couple added field relatives to front desk handle staying, front desk guy very good, was told need 3 a ID, hotel strictly implementation a people a card,Husband is very naughty, asks only one document, tipping do not, Wang l immediately apologized, said they lost work things small, hurt the hotel reputation firmly not to, not us, and praise one, Guy proud.
  • joy1987110
    Location is very good, service was good,
  • jwpan2
    The traffic is very convenient, rooms good, service very good.
  • gyxiang1968
  • e00189898
    Good good good good good good good good
  • marswangbo
    Very good! thanks
  • wblxn
    It's not bad
  • yuttao
  • enya0829
    Good location nice decoration works well! good! staff clean room, hanging in the closet of my clothes to dry, cooked boiled water to help, dental equipment according to our customs will put guests really well!
  • groenestege
    Room was good, complete facilities. bus stop, Metro station downstairs, next to the airport bus, very convenient. in addition to the more expensive, others praise.