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  The Minshan Hotel (Minshan Fandian) is a four-star hotel featuring convenient transportation links and restful surroundings. Neighboring Chengdu's popular Antique Street and the Chengdu Calligraphy and Painting Market,  the hotel is just ten minutes' walk from Chengdu's Renmin Market shopping area.    Decorated with stylish teak furniture,  every guestroom features central air conditioning,  a TV。
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  • eyesonsally
    That's good
  • CS1997
    Environment, health, and clothing are good
  • lion818
    Good service, good location, convenient transportation. also provides dates and white fungus soup and cookies in the evening. booked a Deluxe standard room, hotel rooms are small, especially the bathroom area is small, somewhat fat all turn the body.
  • cryjoy
    Clean, tidy, front desk very nice
  • bossbaby
    Nice hotel, highly recommended, very good location, near the Metro as soon ... service was good. very comfortable breakfast. overall satisfaction is worth staying at.
  • anyni
    Room slightly small, wear light does not light!
  • benitafy
    Second days actually no to clean not know what reasons playing had phone only come also no clear explained we and no using from disturb later simple cleanup has also on just street of location also is some noisy of after all outside is trunk road mattress is soft is comfortable is quilt moving up will has some sound slightly effect sleep other OK breakfast type more taste good general 4 star star's future has opportunities also will select of
  • lemobb
    Liu Xuexiu service attitude is good
  • freda_840111
    A sweet card shows all! airport bus Line 1 line site, good location
  • dengsyan
    Very satisfied, full marks!
  • Alger
    First times check in front desk male waiter attitude super good, whole staying experience gray often good, so second times check in of when was in wants to I is go wrong place has well? front desk check in of Dandan Li Miss, attitude extreme bad, has micro-letter sweep a sweep offers activities also not active proposed, is next a male a female of intern attitude is good. Dang I thought met has the hotel attitude most bad of people of when, 11/20 morning earlyBreakfast buffet, skinny waitress surnamed Zhang, refresh my limit, attitude to Dandan Li hung. ask her for tea and coffee, the answer; ' Cups in the back you see that? ' OK, OK, Miss Zhang is not happy we own. equal treatment that you will forget it, came a few tables behind the foreigner, you're running East and West of coffee and tea is very active, you either differentiate or English is too poor not to crooked nuts say, not in English 'Cup in the backYou don't see yourself?! ' It is either a, lack of professional quality OK? so I am very objective, staying five points for the first time, staying for the second time to 1 minute is too much!
  • agamp
    Each trip to Chengdu will live in minshan, because it gave them and white fungus soup in winter, weather alerts are also made into cards, committed
  • aixrabbit
    No air conditioning in the room, go to the customer service said that because of winter air conditioning stopped, hot and cold is not only natural, room 21, quilts are goose down, hot wake up several times a night, is somewhat angry
  • aellinetonixing
    Transportation is very convenient, the rooms are very nice, nice
  • coffeebin
  • guangguang1015
    The location is good and convenience. the hotel is an old hotel, newly renovated, facilities, rooms, bathroom small, floor too slippery, health can. Nice, after the arrival of white fungus with sugar free gifts, more intimate ... overall it is recommended.
  • jimmy_wangsd
    Had to said, set in here is a wise of select, traffic quite convenience! door on has airport bus, bus and Metro, to which are convenient. Hotel bright atmosphere, from door began on can by hotel staff of friendly reception, here each room door of lamp is interesting, blue is please that clean, green is do not disturb, let people at a glance. hotel of breakfast in a floor, type also is is rich of, to later Chengdu play also is to set here!
  • lantree
    Good location, and around convenience, on the bus on the side of civil aviation.
  • butter_cupsy
    Always loved this hotel.
  • anweiwen
    Room service is very good, but online is luxury standard room, directly go to the room not the same, apparently feel that the rooms are not luxurious, bathroom small bathtub looked old and not very clean, call wanted pay rise directly at the front desk said there is no luxury standard room ...
  • alley.ma
    Bang Bang
  • VeniceWen
  • cslin79
    Veteran star, price, location, and wish to stay. it may be!
  • leo1989
    Good hotel, restaurant
  • e02428986
    The five-star prices! Yes! five star quality
  • xiaosong23
    General condition good
  • jingjing7905
    Room was a bit small, older toilet facilities, service, good location, to make up for insufficient. small card made by the hotel gate, in the hope of tube with a tube.
  • amw119
    Nice! service is also very good!
  • beatmail
    Prices are pretty high! but still has value
  • angelfan
    Room was very small and old, the surrounding environment, and convenient transportation. breakfast variety, but in General. continued housing price increase of more than 300, is not good.
  • baowabaowa
    Good location, facilities are also in line with the five-star service standard, it's no surprise when booking because they see a Word, minshan sweat in, had dinner at Jinjiang, but seem to have very special after staying
  • dranna
    Rooms are small, the service can also
  • ljj989324
    Friend, reaction was good, cost-effective ultra-high
  • calvin-lee
    Hotel very good, the aspects are compared satisfaction, location very good, to which are convenient, door is airport bus starting point, to airport also very convenient, hotel service also very good, staying first bed and breakfasts also sent has dessert, very good. only insufficient of at is room within compared hot, room within of central air conditioning cannot adjustable temperature, because is is too hot has, wants to cool is are no, called has waiter also no solution.
    Basic information can meet the
  • dolly19
    Lobby and rooms are very cosy and convenient bathroom small
  • longmiaoyin
    Hotel good to of first days also sent has candy white fungus and Granville of Oh, altogether has three days today morning out of when rooms service Liu Xuexiu aunt is enthusiasm of and we greeted asked we is first times to Chengdu back found room are clean of is clean also put I mess put of cosmetics are wipe clean pendulum good has very moved details at do of is good this is first times to Chengdu is to had of friends introduced to of this hotel travel are is convenient service also good Very warm breakfast is also very good
  • yuefengwang1
    From the airport to the hotel is very convenient airport bus Line 1 line end, hotel services are also very good!
  • cindiyaya
    Waiters are always extremely zealous Zeng Jinrong aunt give praise
  • anneygym2008
    Hotel location is very good, facilities, warm and thoughtful service, surrounded by many shopping centres, is the most convenient airport bus.
  • exact
    Very good location
  • debbieweng1027
    Travel well worth recommending travel well recommended
  • lee36512
    Breakfast is really good!
  • e00071390
    Shop great location, next to Metro station, staff were very friendly, raised the matter immediately to respond. However room was really small
  • luca2011
    Hotel service was very good, room was a bit small. the hotel is next to the airport bus, is very convenient for people who fly. beside a Shu JIU Xiang, 9 o'clock in the past or had to wait, very hot but tasted really authentic.
  • youjun61
    Hotel location is very good, very convenient traffic, although it is not new, but clean and tidy, rooms at 14/f, waiter Ning Wangfen is great, wrote a warm greeting cards, also deliberately sent the child yogurt service must praise.
  • Carolline
  • mantou85
    Good, convenient
  • adderl
    Children like sister Tang at the front desk, very helpful
  • Summer_Cat
    Hotels belonging to the old five-star level, slightly old rooms and facilities, but the service is very good! facilities due to historical reasons slightly less, but the service really good software!