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  The Minshan Hotel (Minshan Fandian) is a four-star hotel featuring convenient transportation links and restful surroundings. Neighboring Chengdu's popular Antique Street and the Chengdu Calligraphy and Painting Market,  the hotel is just ten minutes' walk from Chengdu's Renmin Market shopping area.    Decorated with stylish teak furniture,  every guestroom features central air conditioning,  a TV。
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住客评论 2142条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • faboe19
    Very good very good quick and easy short five words-Europe
  • maggieyu
    Which is very nice
  • icemiracle
    Old renovated, bathroom is too small, how could not and five-star hanging hook Ah!
  • smilecbm
    Help home old book, says front desk has a last name is Lee's little sister is so intimate, introduced a number of local attractions, and snacks to the old man, also called car ahead. let them feel that the journey went well, said of the five? acclaim. old man I had to meet commitments.
  • AllenLii
    Location hotel
  • flyfatty
    Hotel in Central nice hotel is the bus station and Metro station, convenient airport shuttle bus is the most satisfactory is next to the hotel is very convenient
  • rsrm001
    A Word
  • Daisy Yang
    Bad service
  • Ranbo
    Nice, some are advanced but inexpensive, environment is good
  • evasmart
    As always, good.
  • daweilee
    Which is very nice
  • dewainac
    Environment, services and shopping is also very convenient.
  • liucong111
    You can also
  • railwayboy
    Nice hotel, location and facilities were OK, my two room stay three nights, feel OK ... especially the floors of his house keeper Wang Sujuan, is even more commendable. see our children, specifically to help us send kids slippers, and we'll hang clothes in the bathroom will do to dried and folded, really touched.
  • liangy
    Aunt I have to wash my dirty socks and underwear, dried. receive this treatment for the first time, good service, very friendly. ^ _ ^
  • tinwall
    Tianfu Square Mall many recommended stay
  • weepingsun
    Rooms slightly smaller than other very satisfied, especially breakfast
  • e00081768
    Convenient airport bus, next to the subway in from tianfu square, only one station road, warm and thoughtful service.
  • ban1311
    Hotel is located in the city centre, airport bus Line 1 line 30 minutes directly. peripheral bus, subway, convenience. chunxi road, 15 minutes on foot, shopping and dining choices many. hotel facilities and service was good. reasonable price ... next time I go to Chengdu will choose hotel again.
  • riancyaray
    Friends, feeling warm and attentive service and convenient, and wanted to come again in the future.
  • jeaimetebeibei
    Liu Xuexiu gives a five-star rating service personnel, service very good, special guests, thanked the hotel such good employees
  • roc_xiao
    The room is too small, old, hotel reception service is too cold
  • bertbertly
    Minshan is belongs to that more live more comfortable, more live goodwill degrees more high of hotel. because is old hotel, hardware facilities with some new of five-star hotel than up does slightly almost, but minshan of service is very good of. front desk of guy beauty forever so kind, smile service. lobby's of waiter also has been keep smile, on guest attitude very kind. they of smile not simple of a signs type, and real go heart of, can feel to they is love customer, love himselfOf work. worth a mention of is Concierge Department of service is superior of. because is with foreign colleagues travel, luggage also compared more, so I not like in airport taxi, each to Chengdu travel are is ahead of with minshan of Concierge contact requirements help received machine. each are full service, Concierge also will said simple of Japanese, let I of colleagues is delight. recently once this year May to Chengdu travel zhiqian, I and always as call to Concierge appointment received machine, due to at noDomestic of phone number, I left has himself of QQ,. seems is one surname LU of guy is responsible for with I contact of, received machine day seems he is rest day, also specifically with beverage with driver with to received I and I of colleagues. because worried we on Chengdu not familiar, second days morning we starting to work of when in Hall see that bit Concierge, he returned to we some about Chengdu of food aspects of publicity single, returned to has we map, I colleagues are said service good intimate. afternoonAfter the Protocol has also been calling driver asked us if we had arrived safely, feeling a very strong sense of responsibility. In minshan I certainly have had unpleasant things, such as a waiter mistaken my invoice, minshan makes me appreciate is but, wrong hotel personnel will actively respond to, very honest to make up for mistakes, slip-ups, such attitudes are blundering of today's services are rare. Say no more, IWill always support the minshan, travel, travel to Chengdu minshan, will recommend to my friends minshan.
  • E02980925
    Very good.
  • cindyyu123
    Hotel is located in Chengdu Airport Bus Line 1 line terminal, people road, Jinjiang hotel opposite, Metro mouth out that is Hotel, very convenient. hotel facilities good, meet five-star hotel of standard, rooms supplies also is is new of, experience is good. health conditions is good, waiter attitude enthusiasm, service in place. Special mention about, free self breakfast points Chinese district and Western to, varieties rich, quality also is good, now also in aftertaste. Small hotel room, gymIs relatively small. Overall is good.
  • clin714
    Evening buffet in the morning. the only flaw, that is, for four days in a row, room cleaning is not active, you need to tell the front desk.
  • lindatst
    Not to say that, really good. room service good, but cafeteria staff almost meant, said what is reflected slower. changed little for breakfast, eat two days just don't have anything to eat.
  • guyiming1229
    Room was a bit small, facilities a bit old, breakfast highlights
  • sgdapple
    Which is very nice
  • e00104288
    Very good location, hotel was good
  • Alexandrelui
    Minshan Hotel I have been staying, a veteran of five-star hotels, service attitude is good, people feel at home, an attendant Liu Xuexiu is to let people have a family feeling. will stay next to Chengdu minshan hotel.
  • e04916766
    Airport shuttle bus is very convenient hotel is a little old and all else OK
  • dm523
    Environment, on the main road
  • airfree
    The upgrading renovation
  • clintonliu
    Room is small, especially the bathroom, wet in my life, pretty good location, near Metro station, Exit C1 of the Jinjiang River, airport bus line Line 1 terminus. Service staff is particularly friendly.
  • lele1129
    Twice, after all, the five-star, OK,
  • armet81
    Around Nice, convenient, great breakfast very rich, standard rooms are a little small, the hotel lobby is very nice and very pretty spacious, service a little better it would have been better.
  • fengyucococo
    Very good hotel
  • aimmidewo
    Good hotel good service, convenient to attractions, car and subway to the airport, also sent a pair of chopsticks, recommended occupancy.
  • e00079557
    Nice hotel, the room is not too big. but other facilities are also good ... breakfast is very rich!
  • ILoveSandy
    Located in the city centre, there are disabled rooms and facilities are prepared for wheelchair guests, very convenient.
  • eastnoon
    Good service, breakfast, good
  • fxm60
    Nice hotel, great comfort
  • jerrin
    That's good,
  • e00101897
    Nice hotel, close to city center. Small rooms but clean.
  • aini830213
    Minshan hotel location, room clean and tidy and laudable. breakfast variety, they taste good.
  • guangguang1015
    Easily accessible, the hotel is on the right-hand side line Line 1
  • liana414
    Pretty much like four star! value is not very high
  • xin0309xin
    Location, hotel facilities good, Zambia Zambia Zambia
  • foxterrior
    Which is very nice.